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Tania Samuel
Tania Samuel_Evas Dark Bloom.jpg

Darkbloom Series for Eva, 2020

Image courtesy of the Tania Samuels

Tania Samuel is a painter who lives and works in Albert Park. Her process with the Darkbloom Series, begins with flowers which are then taken through a process of deconstruction, blending and layering to a point of transformation. It is here, in this rich dark space, that the imagination is allowed to explore colour and rhythm but is still anchored in the memory of floral ephemera.

Born and educated in London with a BA in Graphic Design and Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts, Tania has lived and worked in Paris, New York and London. Initially working in the fashion industry as a stylist before moving into graphic design. Her graphic design work included designing layouts for fashion magazines and book jacket design for Penguin books and Random House Publishing. Since moving to Australia, Tania has made painting her focus.

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