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As a cereal offender - and lactose intolerant -

Jason knew he'd have to get used to life on the run, 2020

Miniature figurine and vintage objects

Working under the pseudonym, Tinky, Liz Sonntag, uses vintage, oversized or discarded objects to create miniature dioramas with a comedic undertone. Her work activates non-spaces such as the windowsill, gutter, or a hole-in-the-wall, in streets, buildings and laneways, with human drama and playful folly. Faced with a world of mismatched proportions and unexpected scenarios, Tinky’s characters have a dream-like determination to make the best of their odd situations - aided and abetted by her darkly humorous one-liners.

Using found objects and working with the architecture of the street, Tinky sees her work as an act of re-framing and re-contextualisation that forces the viewer to look at the everyday world and public spaces anew. More than adding to the urban landscape, Tinky’s work becomes the urban landscape, transforming it into a magical world of play and fantasy.

Currently a resident installation street artist at The Blender Studios, Melbourne, Tinky’s sculptural installations have been featured in street art and contemporary art festivals and are included in a number of publications. Part of a growing group of artists who use the Instagram platform as a means of self-expression, Tinky has also participated in a various group exhibitions as well as her own solo gallery shows.

For more information about Liz Sonntag visit

As well as Madame Hunter Art, where you will find works for sale

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