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Kitty Calvert
Kitty Calvert_ group.png

World Party, 2020

Photo courtsey of Kitty Calvert

Evoking cherished memories of childhood, Kitty Calvert's wish is to delight her audience with mischievous frivolity and quirky humour. Each piece contained within her intricate assemblages has been left in its original found state. The patina, paint, dents, scratches, bruises, "bed hair" and dirt are all part of the history of each piece. These figurative sculptures emerge through a process of assembling disparate elements scavenged by the artists.

Kitty Calvert, is the creative partnership between husband and wife, Phill Calvert and Julia Brampton. The inspiration for Kitty Calvert’s assemblage sculpture art comes from a love of vintage things and a desire to re-use and recycle unique pieces of discarded treasure.

“In a world of mass consumption, we see each piece of treasure as a memory carrying vessel, linking us to a time in the past where things were built to last. With the sculptures, we give unwanted or unloved pieces a new life encouraging the viewer to voyage on their own magical journey of memory and to share their stories.” – Kitty Calvert


Julia Brampton has been interested in how everyday objects hold history from a very young age. At 12, she was one of Sydney’s, Paddington Markets first and youngest stallholders. Phill Calvert comes to making from a career in music. He is best known for his playing in the influential post-punk band The Birthday Party with Nick Cave. Since teaming up for their first solo exhibition in Melbourne in 2019, Kitty Calvert, has shown in numerous group exhibitions and seen their work pass into many private collections.

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