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Hayley Millar-Baker
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(Untitled) Knock him out of the tree and put him on the stove, 2018

Image courtesy of Vivien Anderson Gallery

Untitled (Knock him out of the tree and put him on the stove) is part of Hayley Millar-Baker's Cook Book series which explores the merging of traditional Aboriginal cultural practices with Westernised 21st Century knowledges and tools. Hayley see her work as a continuation of Aboriginal peoples tradition of passing down stories to the next generation for hundreds of centuries in order to preserve timeless knowledges and their way of life.

Cross-cultural artist, Hayley Millar-Baker (Gunditjmara, AU) is a research-driven, contemporary artist based in Melbourne. Utilising her mediums of photography, multimedia, and research, Hayley examines human experiences of time and memory, resulting in monochromatic photographic works - often in series that divulge her storytelling methodology.

Here, she negates experiences of remembering/misremembering memory, while reflecting on how often personal recollections and historical accounts are improvised and embellished.

By digitally assembling photography and archives, she is able to construct complex visual insights to past, present and future realms. Storytelling becomes a methodology in which to reclaim and re-author constructs of history, narrating inherited and personal stories.

Millar-Baker holds a Master of Fine Arts from, RMIT and has been selected as a finalist for numerous national art prizes. Her work has been exhibited nationally and her work is held in significant public and private collections across Australia.

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Hayley Millar-Baker


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