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Carolyn Menzies

Untitled, 2020

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Menzies

I’m drawn to steel mesh because it lives within of two disparate and opposing worlds - the industrial and the domestic. I want to create work where meaning can overlap or flicker between such oppositions (industrial versus domestic, hard versus soft, manufactured versus handmade, feminine versus masculine and mass produced versus organic) as a counter the politics of inevitability and to suggest a more nuanced and mutable world.

Carolyn Menzies is a visual artist who lives and works in Melbourne. Her sculptural forms emerge from the union of the industrial and the handmade. Although her materials are diverse and unusual, the constant that runs through her work is a fascination with the processes of transformation. Carolyn creates delicacy of mass and volume through an unpredictable use of materials such as steel wool and mesh. She sees her strong bias towards materiality as her true north.

Born in New Zealand, she studied sculpture at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts. A travel grant allowed her to travel to the UK where she completed her MA in Fine Arts at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, London. Carolyn has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

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Carolyn Menzies

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