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Carla O'Brien

Neon Dog Park, 2018

Photo courtesy of Carla O'Brien

An Albert Park local, with a specialty in neon and outdoor installation art, visual artist Carla O’Brien, creates public and street art imbued with her trademark sense of humour. Using LED Neon Flex, a revolutionary replacement of glass neon and traditionally used for strip lighting in commercial buildings she has found a medium distinctive for her work and one that allows her to literally draw with light.

Collaborating with photographer, Kapil Sugunan, Carla is showcasing a new work which integrates her signature neon with slow exposure night time photographic images. 

O’Brien’s latest street art ‘Quarantrees’ created during the Covid-19 pandemic saw trees with facemasks throughout the local neighbourhood and in parks and streets around Melbourne.

Born in Melbourne, Carla lived in Los Angeles from the late 90s and quickly established herself as a successful Entrepreneur. Carla O’Brien’s love for Light Art began in 2009 when she visited the world-renowned Burning Man Festival in Nevada. Upon returning to Australia in 2014, Carla has created neon art installations for festivals, events, exhibitions and her works are in various private collections worldwide.

For more information about Carla O'Brien and Kapil Sugunan visit:

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